Sebulba Costumes

An especially dangerous Dug who could once be found roaming the streets of Mos Espa. Sebulba was a shifty Podracing champion who who had little regard for rules or sportsmanship. Sebulba was the reigning champion of the Outer Rim Podrace circuit in the final days of the Republic. Though no one will dispute that his souped-up, overpowered orange-colored racer was fast, many of his triumphs were due to his use of illegal weaponry hidden aboard his vehicle.

At the Boonta Eve Classic, Sebulba was heavily favored to win. In a surprising upset, however, a local slave boy backed by a mysterious outlander beat him in the race. To add even more insult to this career-injury, Sebulba lost control of his Podracer in the final stretch, and crashed the expensive giant into the desert sands.
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