Shadow Trooper Costumes

As an elite squadron of specialized Imperial Stormtroopers, the Shadow Troopers were assigned an experimental cloaking armor that allowed them to temporarily disappear into their surroundings. These all black suited Stormtroopers were used in targeted attacks where they could disappear, surround and ambush their enemies before they could defend themselves. Since they were a much smaller group with specific weapons and skills, they were often only used as backup to the regular Stormtrooper squadrons on the battlefield.

The body armor of the Shadow Stormtroopers was also uniquely made from an advanced shielding laced with durasteel which gave them more protection from physical attacks as well as energy attacks. Developed and lead under the command of Lord Blackhole, the Shadow Stormtroopers were the successor's of the Clone Shadow Troopers of the Republic and also known as Blackhole Stormtroopers throughout the galaxy.
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  • Deluxe Adult Shadow Trooper Costume - Official Star Wars Costumes
    Deluxe Adult Shadow Trooper Costume - Official Star Wars Costumes
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