Luke Skywalker Costumes

The life of a Jedi is very difficult and often filled with conflict. Luke Skywalker was a simple farmboy and over time he grew to be the greatest hero in the galaxy.

Skywalker spent his childhood as an employee on his uncle's moisture farm on the backwater desert planet of Tatooine. As his guardians, Beru and Owen Lars never told Luke about his family's history. Luke believed his father was a navigator on a spice freighter and he never suspected that Anakin Skywalker was once a famed Jedi Knight and incredible starpilot.

Luke was born during the chaos as the galaxy transitioned from Republic to the tyrannical Empire. He and his twin sister, Leia, were secretly separated from his father Anakin and the Emperor. Luke was taken to live with Owen and Beru while his sister was taken to the planet of Alderaan to be raised by Viceroy Bail Organa.

As Luke grew up on his uncle's farm, he often grew frustrated that his life was not as exciting as he felt it should be. Many times he found himself wishing that he was on another planet in the galaxy seeking adventure and fun. One day, all of this changed for Luke when he was doing some repair work on two droids named R2-D2 and C-3PO. It was these droids that led Luke on an adventure that united him with a desert hermit and former war hero named Obi-Wan Kenobi or Old Ben as Luke new him.

Ben Kenobi saw the desire and strength in Luke's eyes and began to teach him the ways of the Jedi Knight, which had long been lost through the years. After Ben Kenobi gave Luke the lightsaber that his father Anakin Skywalker once used, Luke continued to train and master the Jedi ways while later continuing his instruction under the Jedi Master Yoda. From all of this, Luke would one day meet his father, Darth Vader, in an epic battle and help to bring him back to the light side of the Force.

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